Op-ed From Rep. Fritts: 103rd General Assembly Presents Rare Opportunity

The following is an op-ed submitted to local papers by State Representative Bradley Fritts:

“A slew of retirements and election losses has resulted in a General Assembly comprised of some of the youngest legislators in history. There’s new leadership for Republicans in both chambers and a significant number of fresh, young Representatives in both caucuses in the House. This presents a rare opportunity to reimagine how people see and interact with state government and how we respond to the challenges they face every day. A fresh way of doing things is more possible than ever.

It’s no secret that Illinois doesn’t have the best reputation. We’re a national laughingstock on corruption and a government that actually works for the people, not themselves. Further, the news is filled with reports of the unintended negative consequences of poorly crafted legislation. We’re seeing lawsuits galore and renewed efforts to bring back a graduated income tax that the voters soundly rejected in 2020.

I am asking my new colleagues, for the sake of all Illinoisans, to stop being inept with the legislative process. No more legislation crafted behind closed doors. No more late night bill filings and no more limited debates on issues of critical importance while everyone else is sleeping. If we are to be the voice of our constituents, they deserve to be able to hear what we have to say. If a law is needed and it is truly for the good of all of us here in Illinois, there is no reason why it can’t be done in the light of day.

We need to acknowledge that bigger government is not the solution; that one size fits all legislation is not reasonable for many communities across the state and that Illinois cannot afford to continue to push Chicago’s policies throughout the state.

I ask Speaker Welch and my colleagues across the aisle to stand up to their commitment to working in good faith. We have an opportunity to get this right. It is time we change how we approach and craft legislation. Only together can we take better care with the people’s will.”