Rep. Bradley Fritts Solar Panel Bill Assigned to Committee

On Tuesday, House Bill 2963 was assigned to the Energy & Environment Committee. In response, Representative Bradley Fritts (R-Dixon) released the following statement:

“As a lifelong resident of Dixon, Illinois, I am dedicated to ensuring that the people of my hometown are given a voice. Years ago, Dixon Park District and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources made a deal regarding a plot of land in Dixon. The IDNR would give them the land, contingent on the fact that the land could not be developed. 

“After numerous conversations with local elected officials and constituents, I learned that the people of my district want to add solar panels to this land but are restricted from doing so by this old agreement. 

“All parties involved, including both of the departments who made this deal, are in favor of adding solar panels. The panels will also add a guaranteed revenue stream to the park district without raising property tax assessments.

“The only remaining obstacle is amending the previous law, which is why I introduced HB 2963. This committee assignment is a step forward for making this bi-partisan bill law.”