Rep. Fritts Passes Several Bills Out of Committee

Last week, each House committee voted on which bills they wanted to send forward in the legislative process. Representative Bradley J. Fritts has four bills continuing onto the house floor for debate.

HB 3588 – K-9 Care Program 

House Bill 3588 passed through the Police & Fire Committee with a 13-0 vote in favor of the bill. 

This bill will form the Care for Retired Police Dogs Program Act, which will ensure that veterinary care for retired K-9 dogs is properly funded. Many of these dogs live with long-lasting injuries or illnesses due to the nature of their work and oftentimes their adopters cannot afford the lengthy veterinary bills that come with that. Through this act, the Illinois State Police will reimburse adopters of certified retired police dogs up to $1,500 per year to cover veterinary fees. 

Police dogs dedicate their lives to protecting the people of Illinois. Once they retire, it is our duty to care for them.

HB 2582 – Removes Duplicate Motorcycle Testing for Drivers Under 18

In Illinois, motorcycle license applicants under the age of 18 must take two similar tests. These duplicate tests are both administered by the Secretary of State’s office, and both incur a fee.

Because of this, I introduced House Bill 2582.  This bi-partisan bill removes redundant testing and fees for applicants under 18 while still ensuring they are able to properly operate a motorcycle. It’s a win-win situation and will benefit young drivers who may not have been able to afford these duplicate fees. 

This bill was passed through the Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee with a unanimous 11-0 vote.

HB 2963 – Dixon Park District Solar Panels

Years ago, Dixon Park District and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources made a deal regarding a plot of land in Dixon. The IDNR would give them the land, contingent on the fact that the land could not be developed. 

After numerous conversations with local elected officials and constituents, I learned that the people of District 74 want to add solar panels to this land but are restricted from doing so by this old agreement. 

All parties involved, including both of the departments who made this deal, are in favor of adding solar panels. The panels will also add a guaranteed revenue stream to the park district without raising property tax assessments.

House Bill 2963 removes the legal hurdle that has been preventing the Dixon Park District from moving forward with this installation. The bill passed the Energy & Environment Committee on a vote of 27-0 in favor of the bill.

HB 2962 – Establishes Standards for State Recovery Residences 

The final bill that passed through committee this week will amend the Substance Use Disorder Act. House bill 2962 passed through the Mental Health & Addiction committee with a vote of 19-0 in favor of the bill.

Currently, there are no minimum standards or requirements to operate a recovery residence in the State of Illinois. House Bill 2962 requires the Illinois Department of Human Services to establish minimum standards to issue licensure for recovery residences. Those recovering from addiction in our state deserve to have quality care and support.

This bipartisan bill will ensure that recovery homes will be held to standards of public health, safety, and welfare.