Rep. Fritts Responds to FY24 Budget

SPRINGFIELD- Following the passage of the FY24 budget through the Illinois House, State Representative Bradley Fritts (R-Dixon), released the following statement:

“To my dismay, the FY24 budget was drafted based on partisan politics, not the needs of the people of Illinois. Instead of investing money into our state hospitals to ensure underfunded and rural areas have access to healthcare, we are seeing $500 million in funding for undocumented immigrants to receive Medicaid coverage. Instead of extending the Invest in Kids Tax Credit scholarship program to provide children with a strong education, legislators are giving themselves yet another pay increase. Instead of providing a budget to serve every community in Illinois, we have a budget riddled with partisan projects.

“The people of Illinois deserve transparency and a government that works for them, regardless of political party. This isn’t a balanced budget, it’s a partisan spending plan unworthy of our taxpayers.”