Rep. Fritts Responds to SAFE-T Act Ruling

DIXON- Following the SAFE-T Act ruling made by the Illinois Supreme Court, State Representative Bradley Fritts (R-Dixon) released the following statement: 

“I am deeply disturbed by today’s ruling made by the Illinois Supreme Court in favor of the SAFE-T Act. This ruling is just another step in the wrong direction for Illinois. Progressive Democrats continue to push failed, pro-criminal legislation onto the people of Illinois without regard for their safety. These soft-on-crime policies continue to prioritize the wants of criminals over the needs of our communities. We will now be the first in the nation to utilize no-cash bail, all while our state’s crime rate remains one of the highest in the country. 

“Further, I stand behind the law enforcement officers who have continually spoken out against the SAFE-T Act. After their effort to defund the police failed, woke progressives are now attempting to handcuff law enforcement by making their jobs as challenging as possible. This no-cash bail policy ensures that police will continue to arrest the same offenders over and over again, therefore putting their lives in further danger and wasting more taxpayer dollars. 

“I condemn this vile attempt by the Democratic majority to override the Constitution in favor of political social policies aimed at destroying what is left of Illinois.”